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May 12, 2012
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RANDOM SCENE ONE: It was approximately 12:01 in the early morning, one minute after the day of that great cataclysm—the day when Pain reigned and his wrath and godlike powers were known by the people of the hidden leaf, but even more so—Naruto Uzumaki.  

The night culminated with Naruto lying on his back in bed, just like it did when he learnt of Jiraiya's death. In this moment, he knew nothing but blissful memories of the past as the present reality was too painful to dwell in. But these joyful memories could only last for so long, and even within them, he still ached.

RANDOM SCENE TWO: It was the crack of dawn now. The morning's star tinted the neighbouring clouds a thick sheet of gold that cradled it, like a mother would while nursing her child. It slowly rose up from beyond the distant horizon—as though it had just awoken from a deep slumber—highlighting the vast, rich landscapes and rooftops with its warm saffron glow.

With the deity's glorious rebirth, the darkness dwindled, as did the large quantity of humidity that rode upon the carefree wind.

The sun may have vanquished the darkness and replaced it with its radiant light, but Naruto couldn't say the same for the darkness manifested by his sorrow. It is said that time heals all wounds, but he was skeptical as to whether or not this agonizing could ever be erased.

The morning's dew still hung on the greenery, glistening, and it was not long before the birds commenced their soothing melody. Perhaps it was a notification for the nocturnal spices to withdraw into their private chambers, while for others—such as a beautiful young maiden of a certain clan we all know—a sign to wake up and play her role.

Today, she had plans—a harmless scheme born of solicitude to cheer up a certain someone. And although she had absolutely no clue as to where she would have attained the courage, was adamant about going through with it nonetheless.

RANDOM SCENE THREE: Roused from the shallow depth to which he was asleep, Naruto lazily sat up in bed, his eyes weary and his face pale. He yawned and then scratched his stomach before making another move.

When the door screeched open, he scrunched up his face and narrowed his eyes against the intensity of the vibrant morning's light and saturated colours.

His eyes widened, however, when he noted it was Hinata, and she blushed and averted her gaze when his eyes roamed from her face to her torso and back again. She was presented in an ivory, spaghetti-strap dress with black, silky frills at the end. The material clung to every voluptuous curve of her burnish, petite figure. She looked like an angel that had wandered to earth from heaven and lost her way. Somewhere, in the corner of his mind, he knew she was his beautiful maiden—unseen, untouched, and her flavors still a mystery.

RANDOM SCENE FOUR: Hinata's heart skipped a beat and her eyes widened. Fortunately, Naruto had already turned around before her countenance could catch his eye and arouse his curiosity.

No matter how much she suppressed, Hinata couldn't resist picturing him standing in that bathroom clad in nothing but soapsuds, with water trickling down his arms and chest and regions farther down south. Her cheeks brightened with colour as she further thought about sacred areas below his navel. She barely knew about hers much less to have the audacity to think about his.

Under any circumstance, was it normal for a young virgin girl to have these thoughts whenever she looked at a boy she liked...a lot? She hadn't a clue; her boy-liking history (none) gave her few reference points to work with.

RANDOM SCENE FIVE: Everything was scrumptious, and God knows Naruto would have French kissed his ten fingers if Hinata wasn't here, despite the fact that no form of food was smeared on them. He may as well do it, since he might have already showed the girl that gluttonous persona he wanted to conceal.

"Have as much as you'd like," Hinata informed, having already ate to her fill. Now, she watched him; watched in love and affection as he enjoyed her personal home cooking—wait! What, love and affection? She blushed and averted her face subsequent to the realization of her emotions.

"Thanks, I will. Everything tastes so amazing. You'll make a great wife one day, Hinata."

Naruto didn't look up when he said those words and maybe it was a good thing that he hadn't—but the open remark still made Hinata's face heat and she almost said his name in response on a tone that was everything but erotic. She might have stifled the amorous moaning of his name, but a breath still escaped her lips, one that had enough wind to win his undivided attention.

"Hmm," Naruto stopped and arched one brow in question. His soft, sky-like eyes were appraising even as noodles extend from his mouth to the bowel. "Seriously, I really love your cooking," he mumbled with his mouth full, and then like a noisy vacuum cleaner—sucked the rest of the long, worms-like flour into his mouth and started chewing.

RANDOM SCENE SIX: "Hinata..." Naruto's eyes darkened with emotions, but of those she could not perceive. His eyes were filled with mystery, a bottomless sea of enigma that she could not decipher even with the power of her eyes.

"It-It's nothing," she gushed while shaking risen hands in dismissal. "You don't have to think about that. Forget what I said. Oh, that's right," she looked to the corner of the room and got up to fetch whatever she had placed there.

Hinata stood with care, worried her balance might have been affected by the tinge of electricity that still ran throughout her body. She walked across the room, lightheaded and wobbly, and by this time—she was obstinate that her endeavour to change the subject had prevailed.

"I baked you a a means of officially thanking you for protecting me." She smiled, as high-spirited as possible. "Pain might have realized I was still alive if you hadn't started fighting with him again."

Nervousness play over her body like the wind through a rolling meadow of beautiful but delicate flowers; it almost crippled her—making it harder to breathe, harder to think straight and harder to maintain her solemn countenance. Her indignation and sadness was gone, like liquid being exposed to temperatures far below zero degrees, replacing it with massive glaciers of embarrassment.

While making her way across the room, back to the table, she toppled and Naruto stood, hoping to save her, only to have a flying cake plaster all over his unsuspecting crotch.

"Oh crap," he exclaimed with that dumb look on his face.

N-Naruto-kun, Hinata's eyes were wide with horror. "F-Forgive me," she apologized almost instantaneously, and made haste to fetch a napkin after scraping herself up off the floor.

She knelt in front of him, doing her best to wipe the chunk of calorie away—but that's not all she was wiping away. She was wiping away his composure, his rationality and his will to resist falling prone to temptation and having his way with her as desire specifically commanded.

All the while thinking that he had never before been touched this way by a girl, Naruto's body went stiff, his fingers taut and his toes curled. There was not a word upon his lips. He couldn't find his tongue, and it was not long before he got an erection.

Before Hinata could reach down to fetch another napkin, his vessel had begun tapping her forehead each time he throbbed.

The girl was flabbergasted. She froze, and for a second that seemed to stretch through to infinity, her heart and breathing stopped. It was like she was caught in a momentary state of suspended animation and a bright layer of pink rose from her collarbones to the crown of her head like a tide that was embarrassment.

What is this? What's this hard, warm thing from Naruto-kun on my forehead?

RANDOM SCENE SEVEN: "Oh, that's right," he said, stealing her breath for the one-hundredth time, "I never told you what I think. Hinata," his eyes smoldered, "you're very beautiful, and I think your dress looks absolutely amazing on you."

Her eyes widened in surprise and she lowered her head when she noted that he was studying her face, seemingly pleased with himself.

"N-Naruto-kun...I'm not beautiful," she disagreed, "and my dress is just, well...decent, not amazing." That's what she said, yet she blushed with pleasure at his compliment.

Fluently, like the graceful flow of water, Naruto rose to his feet and hovered toward her. She flinched, but she did not move away. He reached out to touch his fingertips to her cheek. His expression was unfathomable, but soon, she realized a tingle of sadness lining his handsome face.

"Hinata...I admit sometimes I tend to sugar coat what I say, but I would never lie to you. Your dress suits you perfectly and you're unbelievably beautiful." Butterflies fluttered in her stomach as his knuckles gently stroke her cheek. "You're wrong," he murmured in her ear, "you're totally indecent—no one should look so temping, it's not fair."

Hinata's eyes were wide—again, her chest tightening, but she couldn't look away; her gaze was imprisoned by his. She could feel the heat of his body intermingling with hers, and her legs got weak. She thought to herself mentally.

RANDOM SCENE EIGHT: Hinata showed no signs of resistance, but arousal and impatience was plain upon the young maiden's face. It was evident in the glitter of her eyes and the arch of her fine brows, the flush that kissed her cheeks and the curve of her beautiful lips, and the way she would glance at him before averting her torrid gaze.

Naruto found pleasure in the way she breathed through parted lips and he cupped her face, urging the girl to look up at the ninja that slightly towered over her. He was so very strong yet humble, sensitive but resilient, and very beautiful.

She still could not unravel the mysteries she saw in the deepest depths of his eyes, but she could tell from their steady glow what would come next.

Clasping her hands together with one of his own now, slowly, Naruto skimmed the back of his fingers over her shoulder, down her armpit, and back again. She quivered, but her eyes were still on his, trapped by the intensity of his amorous gaze.

Hinata turned her face to the side, her heart pounding, after he combed locks of hair behind her ear.  And he used a single finger to tilt her chin to him, capturing those captivating eyes again. He kissed her forehead delicately before lightly pressing his warm lips against hers. The room didn't spin this time, but she shuttered with need and released a breath of desire, when he pulled away.

This wasn't enough. Ever so often, Hinata could feel the tension building between her legs. Her clothes confided her and it was becoming uncomfortable; she needed to get naked. The girl wanted to tell him more, but she could not find her tongue to utter such a demand. Besides, she wanted him to completely have his way. He was curious and needy, and she wanted him to explore and proceed at his own pace and grant her pleasure of his own free will.

RANDOM SCENE NINE [Final]: Surfacing from the depths of deep unconsciousness to a more subtle state, Hinata was roused awake at the sensation of a cool breeze whipping across her heated skin. The countenance the young mistress wore upon her face looked more like arousal than that of disorientation, and when her eyes slightly opened and her lips parted, that claim seemed more distant from question.

Lying on her back, she looked like a desperate, subservient princess that had long waited for her charming prince to warm her bed, sampling, savouring what she had to give. Her hands were folded into cute little fists over her head and her hair lay beneath her back like another layer of blanket.

Sparkling tears of joy tipped her slitted eyes at the thought of resting where her beloved slept every night, and she slowly leaned her head to the side so that she could look at him with an expression declaring "you can have me anyway you'd like."

Hinata suddenly made a face, probably remembering earlier, when he turned the overwhelming force of his eyes on her.

She was suddenly hyperaware that Naruto was standing less than an inch from her. She was stunned by the unexpected electricity that flowed through her, amazed that it was possible to be more aware of him than she already was.

"How are you feeling," he asked, standing at the side of the bed, fanning her still.

Hinata said nothing but looked up at his face that seems to glow in the stream of light. Golden downy hair was still lying on his forehead, hypnotic eyes set deep above the high planes of his cheek bones. He was so very handsome and mature, but she could note a hint of childish roundness left in the curves of his cheeks and around his chin. The mixture was quite adorable, and was another feature that stole her breath away.

Through a pulse of sheer desire, Hinata raised her hand. Tentatively, always nervous and afraid, even now after he had felt her chest and aroused her, that he would disappear like a mirage, too amazing to be real...tentatively, Hinata reached up with one finger and stroked the length of one sideburns. She prolonged her journey until the back of her fingers were skimming over his cheekbone. His face was warm, but she barely noticed as touching his face was something she'd dreamed of constantly since she first discovered she was in love with him

"I'm okay," she finally said, her voice low.

"You gave me a bit of a scare there." his perfect lips folded beautifully over his teeth, and he placed his hand over hers.

Hinata smiled, her eyes apologetic, but she was still dazed. Her gaze moved, and soon shift from the bathrobe he had covered her body with to his unconcealed torso. His skin was beautiful, silky and russet-colored, and his chest...

She studied that hard plane—recalling the pleasures she derived when her breasts and nipples were bracing against that wonderful surface—and the uneven terrain down south that was his abs. She felt her breathing gradually creeping toward hyperventilation as carnal thoughts took up residence in her mind.
Disclaimer: Naruto is an ongoing Japanese Manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto with an Animé adaptation. The Manga is published by Shueisha in Japan, and Viz Media in the United States, Canada, and UK, and it is serialized by Shonen Jump. The TV Animé is directed by Hayato Date, and licensed by Aniplex in Japan, Viz Media in the United States, and Manga Entertainment in the UK.
I also do not own any of the profile pictures I used in my fan fictions.

Konnichiwa, mina~
You can read this story on my blog with color-coordinated dialogues and a bigger and better looking font at: [link]

I hope you guys liked the trailer. The original piece is far longer and much more detailed. It's already over 30 pages in Microsoft Word and I'm pretty sure you didn't read that Naruto and Hinata had started making love yet :p

I haven't really finished writing the intense scenes yet (they are at the latter part of the story), which is the reason why I didn't post any in the trailer. I didn't use any raw words in the fanfic--but it's still very detailed.
I'll tell yah a little secret: Naruto used sage mood on Hinata, if you get my drift *wink wink* :D

In other news, I'm looking for an illustrator who's interested in turning this tale into a manga. If the trailer didn't suffice in coaxing your enthusiasm to work on this project, then consider making a decision after you've read the whole thing.

Interested in communicating with me and other readers freely somewhere else? Do you want to suggest scenes and conversations that you'd like to see in the sequel? Have any questions? If so, join my Facebook page (Hinata's Sensual Adventure): [link]
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kurino-sama-alpha Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012
please finish this!!! i must read the whole damn story!!! i love it it!!!
Takimastsu Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012
<Chucklez> Don't worry, I'm almost done and it's pretty long and spicy, too. I'm editing it right now.
Thanks for the comment and I'm glad you like it :3
Katangaroo Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2012  Student General Artist
sage mode? so he was motionless long enough to collect natural energy? well that doesn't sound very fun at all for Hinata. -n-

the scenes of the story itself were good. =)
Takimastsu Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2012
Ha-ha! You have to bear in mind that Hinata's excessively shy. I think I made her faint like two times in the story already. Needless to say, it's a complicated 1st time for them both. However, I try to keep all the excitement and intensity consistent, so that I don't disappoint anyone.
Hinata's orgasms are pretty overwhelming. So while her body's shaking out of control--shocked, brimming with pleasure, Naruto's collecting natural energy. And I have a pretty awesome explanation as to how he's collecting it much faster than usual :3
Katangaroo Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2012  Student General Artist

...tmi bro, tmi.
Takimastsu Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2012
<Chucklez> I'm certain you'll be pleased, when you've read the entire story lol.
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:bulletblue:Hinata are fall in love! :heart: While Naruto...Well,he´s great when the topic are learn or do jutsus,but to understand the girls´s heart,he´s a real jerk! =P Keep going Hinata,I´m cheering by you! :eager:
Takimastsu Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2012
<Chucklez> It's true--Naruto is more focused on enhancing his skills as a ninja, so that he can protect his village and save Sasuke. And without a doubt, he has a hard time understanding a girl's heart. Well, not that any man can fully understand a girl's heart, but I mean, Naruto's got it bad lol.
In any case, I found a way around his naivety, so that he could make love to Hinata. But you're just going to have to wait and find out what that method is in the fanfic x)
TanukiTagawa Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2012
:bulletblue:Well,the Naruto´s problem is that he have a huge hardness to understand the girl´s heart.Many more that any other guy. :facepalm: I will keep seeing your work to see how Hinata will do to reach her goal. :greetings:
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